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Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Word 2019 Word Processing

Powerful word processing software, you can download completely free. Everyone needs a great word processor. Microsoft Word is due to wide format support, integration with other Office applications and a wide variety of high-quality templates.
Alternative to Microsoft Word 2019 word processing without the price tag

The best free alternative to Microsoft Word 2019 word processing without the price tag

However, the power and convenience of using the Microsoft Office 365 subscription model to spread the cost throughout the year is not cheap. Thankfully, free word processing software has come a long way in recent years. And there is a great alternative to Word that does not cost pennies. Lightweight, free writing software is in place, but we are looking for a full-featured word processor that supports templates, advanced formatting, and compatibility with Microsoft file formats. You can switch to one of these programs today and start working immediately.

This guide is updated regularly so you know that you are getting the most accurate information about the best available software.

 Alternative to Microsoft Word 2019 Word Processing

1. WPS Office Free

Word free best alternative with built-in cloud backup. It looks almost identical to Word. Includes 1GB cloud storage. Superior file format support. Writer, the word processing component of Office Free, has a sleek design very similar to the current version of Microsoft Word 2019 features almost the same icon as the ribbon interface. If you want to use Office 2007 or later, the move is almost perfect.
There’s tabbed browsing for multiple documents (not in Word, but what we like), and the WPS Office Writer can open almost any text document format you can throw. Although it has its own WPS (proprietary file format), new documents default to Microsoft’s DOCX format for convenient sharing with Word users.
WPS Writer includes built-in cloud support with 1GB of free storage (similar to Microsoft OneDrive) for easy backup and synchronization. You have free mobile apps for Android and iOS that are fully compatible with Microsoft file formats and you can edit and sync documents on the go.
WPS Office Writer comes with a variety of pre-installed templates and is available for download.
Unlike LibreOffice and OpenOffice (below), WPS Office is not open source. Instead, it is supported by advertising, but they are not unobtrusive and will not stop you from starting serious things.
There is a premium version of WPS Office that removes ads and includes bonus PDF tools, but the free version is great. Try it – we are sure you will be impressed.
WPS Office Free Review
WPS Office Free is not only an alternative to Microsoft Office, it also mimics the overall look and set of basic features. Although completely free (although there are ads related to certain features), this suite of office products consists of word processors, presentation tools, spreadsheets, and is fully compatible with Microsoft document formats.
Developer: Kingsoft Software
Operating System: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android Version: 10
There are many things here. The cloud element feels very good and 1GB of free storage is not too exciting, but it is useful for small files like text documents.
Other features, such as the ability to convert PDF files to Word format, make WPS Office Free an advantage over other free office suites and are ideal for installing on the oldest Windows PCs due to the extremely low system requirements.
If you love the idea of working on the go and using cloud storage, you can use iOS and Android versions of the software for Linux as well. With the raft of supported languages, this is a versatile suite.
User experience
If you have used the latest version of Microsoft Office, you will immediately become familiar with WPS Office Free. With the same ribbon interface and all the most common tools and options intuitively deployed, you do not have to spend time searching for the settings or tools you need. Thanks to light system requirements, performance is fast.
Not everyone is happy with the ad that they have to endure to get timed access to certain features of WPS Office Free, but it is the only sacrifice to enjoy this great software suite.
Alternative to Microsoft Word 2019

2. Open Office

Open source Word alternatives with buzzing communities
Part of a great office suite Modern interface Excellent file format support If you find it easiest to use an earlier version of Microsoft Word, you might like LibreOffice Writer. Its interface is very similar to Word before the controversial ribbon was introduced in 2007. So if you’re familiar with the old interface, you can get started.
If you are familiar with the latest version of Microsoft Office, it may take longer, but menus and icons are simple and intuitive, so do not postpone.
LibreOffice Writer is fully compatible with Microsoft Word documents (including DOC and DOCX) and other plain text file formats so you can share files with friends or colleagues using other software or open old files.
Writer is also fully integrated with other tools in the LibreOffice family, so you can import spreadsheets from Calc or easily import graphs from Charts just as you do in Word.
Open Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Lighters Office Writer LibreOffice has the ability to keep pace with Microsoft Word and security features Add to receive periodic updates.
The shortcomings are a minor drawback because you can easily sync files using Dropbox or OneDrive, as well as integrated cloud support. Download here Open Office free
Microsoft Word 2019 Word Processing

3. Apache OpenOffice

Still not as fresh as LibreOffice, but still a great open source option
Some of the great Office suite Microsoft Word style interfaces are relatively infrequently updated
LibreOffice is a fork of Apache OpenOffice, and since both share the same code base, there is little to choose from. Both offer great compatibility with Microsoft Word documents and work seamlessly with linked spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications.
There is little difference between the functions or interfaces of the program. Use the classic Microsoft Office style system and use convenient sidebar for formatting options.
OpenOffice basically offers fewer templates than LibreOffice, but there are thousands of downloads that you do not have to worry about.
The main difference is that OpenOffice only gets one or two updates per year, while LibreOffice is updated monthly due to a large developer team. This means that reported bugs and vulnerabilities can be fixed faster in LibreOffice, and new features will be added sooner.
Apache Open Office Reviews
Apache Open Office 4.0 Reviews OpenOffice has been updated for a long time. Microsoft’s SmartScreen security technology does not last long unless it recognizes the file as being downloaded normally. OpenOffice has become a leader in open source competition with Microsoft Office, away from tight competition with There was a lot of controversy after Oracle acquired StarOffice’s source code. Most developers moved to The Document Project and worked with competitor LibreOffice.
Both versions use the same base code, but despite Oracle’s introduction of OpenOffice to the Apache Software Foundation and the recruitment of developers after IBM’s short-lived Symphony – LibreOffice has updated and replaced OpenOffice with many Linux distributions.
Now OpenOffice has released its first major update since 2011, Apache OpenOffice 4.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux same like Microsoft Word 2019 Word features. Hundreds of bug fixes, improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, more language support, including Greek, Portuguese and Tamil, and interface changes brought directly from Lotus Symphony.
If you are still using Office 2003, the OpenOffice team is adopting this solution as a solution that will no longer receive updates and security patches after April 2014, just like Windows XP. Therefore, it is recommended that you select a new OpenOffice via Microsoft Office or a newly updated OpenOffice. Office office?
Screenshot of OpenOffice 4 0 installation soon updated 🙂
OpenOffice 4 does not install Java correctly on Windows and appears to be a known developer, but there is a single installer. Installing OpenOffice was cumbersome to manually collect installer files, dictionaries, help content, and add-ons. OpenOffice 4.0 has a single installer that adds most of the necessary Windows components, making it the default software for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can choose which program to install (although few other options). It is similar to most other modern software packages.
However, Microsoft’s SmartScreen and Apple’s Gatekeeper did not sign it properly, so they were disappointed that it was unsafe. When security is important, professional software is not what you need to do. To use the Base database software on Windows, you must install Java yourself. In other words, the installer has something to do.
Older offices
There are five major programs in OpenOffice 4.0. Writer, Calc spreadsheet, Impress presentation software, Base and Draw, mathematical formula editor. Using some great business tools like Calc’s Macros and PivotTables, Writer’s DTP tools and annotations, Impress’s master pages and presentation tools, you can Microsoft Word Word 2018 free it offers the same functionality as it did a few years ago.
However, you will not get smart features like chart suggestions that are best suited for displaying data, such as Excel, or the ability to search for images on the web and put them directly into your presentation, just like in PowerPoint.
OpenOffice 4 0 Writer and Word
The OpenOffice interface may seem cluttered or may prefer to show more than Office 2013
This interface is a collection of toolbars and complex menus, including OpenOffice 3.3 (which looks a lot longer, but has a slightly smaller screen space than the Office 2013 program’s expanded ribbon) and a ‘new’ menu. This is a context-sensitive panel on the right side of the screen that shows the properties of the selected item and can be changed quickly. You can resize, undock, and then drag the panel to a different location on the screen, or minimize it with the icon bar.
The sidebar provides a groove for other frequently used panels. An image gallery, a style and formatting window, a Calc feature window, a Impress’s master page, an animation and transition window, and a document navigator that displays a map of the document.
This is not really new. It is rather like a panel in Photoshop or a task pane in Office 2003. Office 2013 has its own context-sensitive task pane. However, many of the options that you set, such as image formatting or field selection, require you to select a specific object in the PivotTable.
The OpenOffice 4.0 sidebar is always closed. It does not display all of the properties that can be changed (for example, if you have a date field that is updated automatically, you can only see common text and paragraph formatting options, not changing the date format). Sometimes the toolbar pops up on the screen with the same tools as the properties sidebar and add-ons. You can change the color of the image (you can do it in the sidebar) or change the orientation (not user-configurable), such as the Picture toolbar.
This is a useful way to get common tools that are difficult to find in toolbars and menus, but using OpenOffice tools more often will not expose them this way. For example, you can change the slide layout in terms.
OpenOffice 4 0 Alternative to Microsoft Word 2019 password protect your files in OpenOffice 4. If you want to share files with Microsoft Office users, you must keep them in Office format. You can now exchange two password-protected files when you use Office file types to store password-protected files. If you password-protect your files with the OpenOffice file format, you can only open OpenOffice. Strangely, Calc protected the Excel file with a password and when I opened it in Excel 2013, I was able to enter the password and view the file, but Excel warned that the file could be dangerous. This may be due to the unfriendly behavior of OpenOffice 4.0 supporting.
Office’s XML file format. You can open the file with the latest XML Office formats (XLSX, PPTX, DOCX) and save your changes. You can only save new files in the old binary Office file format (or ODF and OpenOffice format). The default setting for the latest version of Office is to warn that these binary-formatted files may be unsafe and can be confusing when exchanging files with partners and customers. Office alternatives? The complex and confusing history of OpenOffice is reflected in slow update rates.
Mainly because the open source developer community was keen to support LibreOffice and was an older version of the interface. Open source software projects can eventually disappear as they become less popular. LibreOffice is a popular and well supported project, and despite all its internal efforts, it will be supported by the Apache Foundation to ensure continued development of OpenOffice. If it is suitable for you, you should pick it. Business users will already be familiar with Microsoft Office. Before considering switching to OpenOffice, see if anyone has used this tool before and how much retraining is required. There is a difference just by simple.
If you use both Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw, icons appear for each separate program, but they all appear as a single icon on the Windows taskbar, making it difficult to switch between spreadsheets and presentations. Also, if one of the programs hangs, you will not be able to continue working in another program while recovering. Although performance is generally good, opening documents in the Office file format can be unusually slow, and there is a problem with the document template. OpenOffice 4 0 templates screenshot Downloading templates from the OpenOffice site is not so confusing.
Because Impress has few built-in features, opening Office 2013 applications is a tremendous number of sites that allow you to create blank documents, select recent templates, and search and preview. In OpenOffice, if you know that the small icons in the OpenOffice launcher are links to a comprehensive OpenOffice template site, you can find everything from business cards to lease agreements. However, the Launcher is only available if you have not opened the OpenOffice application. After that, you must find it in the New Document dialog box and in the wizard for each application.
For example, there is a link in Writer, but there is no link in Impress, and there is no guidance on where to save it in the ZIP file, rather than a new document based on the template when selecting the template on the site. It’s a small thing, but it can mean a difference in how quickly you finish a document and learn how to use the basic features. It also adds to the overall impression that Open Office feels competent and basic rather than impressive.

4. SoftMaker FreeOffice

It’s great, but it would be great if you could save it in DOCX format.
Attractive, customizable templates can not be saved in DOCX format.
SoftMaker The FreeOffice TextMaker interface is less complex than most free Microsoft Word alternatives, but it does not provide a brief description of the tools and settings. Some features are hidden in submenus, but you can customize the toolbar by adding, removing, and rearranging icons (you can find more features by clicking the little arrow button on the right).
With all the required elements, FreeOffice TextMaker makes it easy to create interactive documents with fields and bookmarks. You can then save it as a PDF. The choice of template is not huge, but it looks good and will satisfy most requirements.
The disadvantage of TextMaker is that you can not save your work in Microsoft’s DOCX format. This is a number because the new format has many advantages over DOC, as it includes a more consistent look and better file compression in other word processor programs.
You can use FreeOffice TextMaker to open files in DOCX format so you can not lock existing documents, but if you and your family use Word, you may prefer one of the alternatives listed above.
The premium edition of SoftMaker Office adds DOCX support for a one-time fee of £ 48.20 (about US $ 60, AU $ 75).
SoftMaker FreeOffice review
SoftMaker FreeOffice is a free Microsoft Office alternative for Windows and Linux and comes with a secondary application for Android devices. SoftMaker FreeOffice makes it easy to edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can also export files to EPUB and PDF export. FreeOffice has three applications: TextMaker for documents, PlanMaker for spreadsheets, and Slideshows for presentations. You do not need to use all the features of the free version. For example, tabbed browsing and synonyms ani-dictionaries are stored as paid products. However, all the basics of everyday work are actually handled well.
User experience
Before downloading SoftMaker FreeOffice, you will be prompted to enter your name, country, and email address. Free registration code will be sent. You do not need to enter this information to actually use the software.
Once you start using it, SoftMaker FreeOffice is fast and easy to use. It looks very similar to earlier versions of Microsoft Office.) And since 1997, it is almost completely compatible with Microsoft Office files. It supports the same OpenDocument format used by LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice.
SoftMaker FreeOffice can create PDF. This is usually the part of Windows that can be a pain. Spreadsheet applications are happy to handle numbers as well as database operations.
The thesaurus is only available in the premium version, but you have to yield somewhat. SoftMaker FreeOffice does not offer much of the same tools as LibreOffice (for example, there is no tool for mathematical formulas or diagrams).
Operating system: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 2016
Developer: SoftMaker
Download here: SoftMaker FreeOffice
Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Word 2019 Word Processing

5. Google Docs

last but awesome best Free Alternative to Microsoft Word 2019 Word Processing collaborate on documents and access from anywhere. Great collaboration features Importing workbooks with Google Drive is tricky. If you’re into the Google ecosystem, you’ll already be familiar with Microsoft Word analog and Google Docs.
Opening existing documents is cumbersome. You must upload it to Google Drive before editing it in your document. Although it supports good file formats, imported Word documents may look very different if they rely on formatting and features that are not supported by Docs, or depending on locally stored fonts.
That is, formatting is not the primary purpose of Google Docs and requires collaboration. If you have a Google Account, you can invite colleagues, friends, and family members to work on the same document at the same time. If multiple people are working on a document at one time, a different colored cursor appears on the page to indicate the working area. If it sounds like chaos, you can restrict edits and allow comments that collaborators can implement or ignore.
If you do not like Google products, you can sync Microsoft Office Online to OneDrive which works in much the same way, but better supports DOC and DOCX files.

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