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Long Tail Content Strategy for SEO 2018

Long Tail Content Strategy for SEO 2018 best old trend of long tail SEO is no longer a desirable strategy. This initial technology, which was mainly focused on traffic, rarely took into account the user experience.
Content Strategy for SEO
The following steps are to search for as many long tail keywords as possible, follow the Best SEO Strategy Article Directory Submissions 2018 create a landing page for each keyword, place key phrases in the title and header tags, use HTML Meta Tags fill in the key phrases, and focus only on conversions. For example, a list that includes all the long tail keywords related to the search phrases such as best SEO Companies &  Great SEO Companies & Top 10 SEO use to write your content on the long tag is an outdated strategy for SEO.
Since 2013, the Content Strategy for SEO focus is mainly on prestigious information. The simple reason is that search engines, especially Google, provide users with sites that provide authoritative information rather than simply converting and not benefiting.

Have a growing business with Content Strategy make focus of your team

Seo Content Strategy
SEO Writing Good SEO Article 2018  first step is to call the team and talk about the page. Or, based on the content experience you want to create, discuss various aspects of your content and get suggestions from your team. Your in-house team has excellent domain expertise and easy access to the right ideas. For example, if your business is aimed at the local market, you should appeal your content to local customers.
  • Understanding user requirements
You can discuss with your team how to implement the latest trends, content, and other related tasks of local search. Learn about your content needs and your actual needs. Think about what you expect when you arrive at your page or content. You can interview past users, conduct surveys on potential customers, or conduct online surveys to get the information you want. You can see which long tail keywords are best for you while mapping content for more users. For example, if you have a juice provider, you can find the most popular products for your users through interviews and surveys. If you mostly prefer grape juice, you can take advantage of the long tail keywords’ best grape juice company.
Not only do people search Content Strategy for SEO 2018 for what they expect from a product or service, but they also want to make sure that people want and do not. Based on this information, you can create a more comprehensive solution guide without highlighting only the solution guides you provide yourself.
  • Studying Competitive Sites
Identifying the strategies of a competing site will help you set a baseline, and if you are new to the business. For example, if you’ve created a page for the jewelry industry for the first time, you can search other sites to describe the quality of your product and find out how you’ve placed content that uses long tail keywords. But copying their approach is not a good strategy. Use them as a basis for your approach and develop your own ideas. View prestigious competitor sites. This site provides more than the baseline.
  • Quantitative research based on information value
Keywords You can prioritize keywords by examining the volume. The most important ones. But that does not mean you have to consider volumes before the user experience. If the keyword is searched about 500 times and no value is added to the visitor, you will not be able to benefit from exploiting that keyword. So
  • Create a sample design and get your feedback
Create a sample design and get feedback through a variety of mock services, including UserTesting.com. , And Mechanical Turk.
  • Page Relevancy Confirmation
Make sure that the page or content you created is relevant to your website or web. The page or content should be of real value if relevant. This can be seen at any stage of the page creation process. These strategies are most effective only if you have a dedicated team. The best way is to get support from a professional SEO company that provides reliable keyword research services.

7 Best Long Term Content Strategy for SEO Strategies to improve Organic Search Ranking

Long Term Content Strategy
Search engines are distorting the ranking criteria of web pages. SEO experts change strategies according to the behavior of search engine algorithms. However, there is a way to achieve long-term performance regardless of search engine policy. Professional SEO Services Search Engine Optimization Here are seven of the best SEO practices that can help you improve your organic search listings:
1. Making smart content 
Writing content on a website is very different from writing a book. Websites need very attractive, keyword-rich viral content that forces visitors to share generously. That’s the way you can turn off most of your traffic to your website. Search engines pay attention to virus content. Content is everything in the era of digital marketing.
2. Pay close attention to keyword selection 
Proper use of appropriate keywords can not be ignored. You should optimize your website for all possible keywords that your customers can use while searching for your products and services. It’s not just about searching and using key terms. It’s important to consider the variability and intensity of competition for your keywords.
3. Creating a tempting meta description 
A meta description is a brief introduction to the webpage Google uses to display under the page title. Do not exceed 160 characters. People read the description and determine if the web page is worth visiting. Meta descriptions also include important keywords.
4. Page title should be optimized 
Page title describes the overall content of a web page. The first few words you prefer include up to 70 words. In the last few words
Unethical SEO is a short-term solution to improve your website’s ranking. Professional SEO specialists do not rely on unethical techniques as they can compromise the reputation of the website. Search engines are smarter than ever. Fooling search engines can be very dangerous. Therefore, avoid bad habits.
6. Analyzing Efforts 
It is important to analyze the results of your efforts. See how comparative SEO leads to more leads. There are a number of tools that can help you keep track of your traffic trends while providing important information in terms of data.
7. Do not threaten the role of social media. 
Social media is a great place to engage with your audience. Create pages on social channels like Facebook and Gmail. Social media has become an important part of website optimization.
It is better to follow fair and long-term SEO techniques. Search engines like fresh content. Do not win the competition. Let your website contribute to your success.

Now finally Content Strategy for internal Links create a Better SEO Result For Your Blog

Strategy for internal Links
Internal Links for that create a Better SEO Result For Your Blog Using great SEO techniques such as link building, your blog can get better search engine optimization results. One way is to create an internal link within a post or content.
Good internal link structure has a significant impact on your ranking in major search engines. Most bloggers do not know how to use this strategy or create internal links, and they are actually quite simple. Readers especially want new readers to find all the great content. By including links to previous posts, you can make a whole new life and keep your readers on the blog for a long time. For example, I wrote a post about Google Analytics in February, and in January I wrote about how important an SEO strategy is to your business. Since this post is clearly relevant to your previous post, it contains an internal link to both. can. I know that when new readers visit my blog, I can visit that post and read the article, so I can effectively deliver a new life to that old post.

Here are some tips on creating an internal: Link strategies and some things to avoid.

1. Avoid Incorrect Anchor Text: Adding “Click here. Text” using small click seo tools can improve your clickthrough rate, but anchor text is not good. You should click here or decide if your keywords are more important. In the example above, I’ve decided that keywords are more important. Of course, you can combine keywords by including good keywords and then using a separate link with the word “click here”. Therefore, do not use the syntax to specify the “Red Widgets” rating . I will cover this in the next article.
2. Uneven link distribution: Expand your link to promote previous posts of new content. But do not end with a word of advice. One or two links per post is sufficient.
3. Broken link – Make sure all links are working. Nothing worse than clicking a link in a post. It does not work. If you change or upgrade your blog software, you may end up with broken links, so make sure there are no problems and test them regularly. If you use Google Webmaster Tools on your blog, you’ll be notified when the link is broken. But search engines do not like broken links.
4. Missing Opportunity: If you are blogging about a topic you have written before, do not miss the opportunity to link to the previous content.
5. Editing instead of links: Sometimes there is the temptation to go back to or edit an earlier post. Or you might want to add the latest information. Be tempted. It is much better to write a new post. You must then include the previous link.
I hope this post on how to create internal links will help you get better results on your blog. You can create an internal link to bring new life to previous articles and posts, and help you get a good ranking in search results.

Most Important Content Strategy seo tips

Without knowledge to achieve your goals, it can be very difficult to raise your website to organic search engine rankings. I have seen all of my SEO tips and chose the most important thing that will help you get started, I’ve kept reading to find my 5 best SEO tips.
  • Number 1.
Your site should be optimized for keyword phrases that you want your site to be listed in search engines. This means studying the most commonly used search strings or keyword phrases in your niche market. You can use http://inventory.overture.com as a great research tool to find the keywords you want.
  • Number 2.
You have now chosen the keyword phrase you need to create the content you want on your site. Within this content, you should include keyword phrases at a density of 1 to 7 percent. In other words, every 100 words means 1 to 7 times.
  • Number 3.
The headings and subtitles are very important as a great tool to enhance selected keywords. An example of this could be keyword auto insurance, which can be used with the title and subheadings.
Title – Cheap Car Insurance
Subtitle – Today’s Free Auto Insurance Quotation
  • Number 4.
The phrase in the title tag of your website, the title tag is the html that sits in the head of your web page Is a short sentence of. Title tags are written information that appears in the top bar of your web browser, showing a description of each site for each site you visit.
  • Number 5.
It is important to create a link to your site from another site. However, we warn you that older sites that link to your site will not. All sites linked to your site must be relevant to the topic and be highly rated by search engines. Links that can be affected Do not get links from the farm (sites where the entire linked page is linked to a topic and many other sites) Your rankings.
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