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Backlinks removal and analysis – How to delete bad links

Backlinks removal and analysis How to delete bad links

Backlinks removal and analysis
Backlinks removal and analysis how to delete bad links also the Backlink Removal service was very popular in 2012 after Google Penguin was released. Before you update the algorithm, the more backlinks on your website, the higher your keyword ranking. Before the link can not hurt your SEO.
The situation has changed dramatically when Google Penguin was released. Websites with unnatural backlink profiles started to suffer disadvantage. Today is not about the number of backlinks on your website, but about the quality and permissions of the sites you connect to.
People have paid more money to get more backlinks, and now they are willing to pay a lot of money to get rid of bad links. Best website like Free details mania do not care about backlinks they care about quality back-links
Crazy, is not it?

Removal link under payment

Websites with too many low quality back links are unlikely to get the best results from Google. If you suddenly lose your traffic after updating our algorithms, you should perform backlink analysis and remove the bad backlinks that could have an adverse effect on SEO. This article describes how the backlink removal process works and how to delete unwanted backlinks. If you are not interested in reading the entire article, use the table of contents to navigate through your posts.
  • Things to consider before removing backlinks
  • Backlink Analysis
  • How to remove backlinks
  • Backlink Removal Email Template
  • How do I know when backlinks have been deleted?
  • What do you do with a backlink that can not be removed?

Things to consider before removing backlinks 1

Things to consider before removing backlinks 1
  1. There are a number of tools that claim to automatically detect malicious backlinks. Avoid any sacrifice. Otherwise you can remove some of the best links.
  2. Removing links Hiring a company is expensive and not worth it. It is best to remove bad backlinks manually. There is no secret formula to remove the link.
  3. Removing backlinks is not enough to eliminate Google penalties. You must also create and submit a rejection report that includes all bad backlinks.
Backlink Analysis
All link removal operations begin with backlink analysis. Backlinks need to know which items should be removed and which items should be removed. For more information on link value, please use monitor back link. Using this tool, we were able to recover from the Google Penguin penalty and recover organic traffic using the Panda penalty.

To perform a valid backlink analysis, follow these steps:

  • Please register your monitor backlink account. This tool has a 30-day free trial.
  • Connecting domains with Google Analytics .connect-domain-with-analytics
  • Then you’ll need to import the link from your Google webmaster tools to your monitor backlink.
  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools, click “Search Traffic,” and click “Link to your site.”
  • On the next page you will see the “Who connects most” module.
  • Click “more” and then “Latest links”.
  • You will receive a report that contains all of the backlinks we’ve found so far.
  • Now return to the “Backlinks” page of Monitor Backlinks. Select “Add a new backlink.”
  • Bring back
  • Click “Get link from file”. Monitor Backlinks automatically detects the Google Webmaster Tools Backlinks report and imports it.import-google-webmaster-backlinks.
Once all backlinks have been collected, provide a link back to the monitor for a moment to gather more information about the link. Once the update is complete, you can filter backlinks by metric to determine quality.
Filter back
Sort links by domain authority, page permissions, trust flow, citation flow, spam score, anchor text, MozRank, TLD, Google index status,
Bring the worst metrics one at a time to make sure it’s worth it. Learn more about filtering backlinks by reading previous posts.

How to identify and remove backlinks that affect your ranking– Backlinks you should refuse

When you find the link you want to remove, click the Settings icon to the left of the link row. Then choose to edit and add tags to backlinks so you can find them later. It’s best to use simple tags like “delete”.
Tags – Bad – Backlinks
From the Monitor Back link, go to the Reports page and use the filter to create a custom graphical chart that contains details about the link. The SEO report will give you a different perspective on your backlinks. Once you tag a backlink you want to remove, you can use the filter button at the top and click “Tag” to find the tag list.

How to remove backlinks

The link removal process can take a long time to remove hundreds or thousands of links. It is not possible to remove all backlinks. Nonetheless, to eliminate disadvantage, you must prove to Google that you did your best to organize your website’s backlink profile before submitting a denial report. Regardless of whether you have been penalized, it is important to remove bad backlinks. There should be no proud backlinks or links to bad neighbors. To remove the backlink, you must contact the webmaster of the website and ask them to remove the link pointing to the site. Do not threaten webmasters. If you want to be treated the same, be very polite. Be prepared to send hundreds of requests. Getting ready – removing a link Your company can promote email for you, but when can you do it yourself? To remove a bad backlink, follow these steps: Identify the link to remove. Find contact information on the website. If the contact details are not available, Whois can help you find the email address used to register your domain or host your website. Please email your webmaster and make it clear where you want to remove the link. Make it easy to do webmaster work and make sure you can find and remove links within a minute. If you do not receive a response within 5-10 business days, follow up. Backlink Removal Email Template Sends hundreds of requests, so you can save time using email templates. However, please personalize each e-mail and avoid mistaken views. Below you will find two backlink removal email templates.
Replace and edit as needed. Hello, [Name], My name is [YOUR_NAME] and I’m working with [YOUR_WEBSITE]. We are currently trying to remove the link pointing to the website. I would appreciate your kind assistance. Your website here is our website link: [URL_OF_THE_PAGE_LINKING_TO_YOU]. You are using this page on your website ([URL_OF_YOUR_SITE]) and the anchor text [ANCHOR_TEXT_USED_FOR_YOUR_LINK]. I ask you to remove the backlink to our website. Thank you in advance. I will do my best on your website. [YOUR_NAME] Hello, This is a removal link for [NAME] ‘s other links. My name is [YOUR_NAME] and I’m working with [YOUR_WEBSITE]. Thank you for linking to our website at [URL_OF_THE_PAGE_LINKING_TO_YOU]. Unfortunately it is best to remove this backlink. Therefore, you should ask kindly to delete this backlink from your site. The link is located at [URL_OF_THE_PAGE_LINKING_TO_YOU] URL is linked to [URL_OF_YOUR_SITE] and uses the anchor text [ANCHOR_TEXT_USED_FOR_YOUR_LINK]. Thank you for your time. We are waiting for a positive answer. Thank you, [YOUR_NAME] How can you tell when your backlinks have been removed? Removing a link Sometimes a webmaster deletes your link without notifying you when you promote your email. You do not have to manually check each backlink to see if it has been removed.
Use Monitor Backlinks to organize everything. The monitor back link will automatically check the status of the link and receive an email notification when the link is removed. You can also see the status change from “OK” to “Backlink not found” on the “Back” page. backlinks-removed-and-not-found That’s useful, is not it? Yes What can I do with a backlink that can not be removed? A link removal rate of 10-20% is recommended. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is impossible to remove all bad backlinks. If you use a backlink that can not be removed, you’ll need to create a rejection report and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. There are two solutions you can use to get rid of Google penalties and clean up your backlink profiles. If you want to learn more about creating and submitting a rejection report, read the previous article, How to use the Deny tool. It takes time to remove the link after the last word, so the patient must be patient. It’s a process you can do on your own, and there’s no reason to pay link removal companies to do your job. Please follow the steps outlined in this post to recover from our penalties. So far, what is your experience with deleting your links? Share your thoughts with us in your opinion.

How to Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks fromYour Website

Incorrect back links, also known as poor quality or unnatural links, are frequently discussed in the digital marketing arena. As Google continues to update its algorithms to provide a better experience for users, the old habits of SEO, such as Blackhat SEO tactics and link purchases, are punished today. Many of these blackhat SEO tactics prevent websites from showing up on search engine results pages and making them unrecoverable. It meant that many websites or business owners had to start fresh and rebuild quality.
Buying backlinks was a strategy that website owners used to make short profits, but today’s search engine algorithms can avoid these unnatural links. This unnatural link lowers site quality, relevance, and location on the search engine results page. How can I identify the poor quality backlinks to my site? More importantly, how can you get rid of these backlinks to recover your site? This article focuses on how you can build without buying large, natural back links.

How to Identify Low Quality Backlinks

Good links distinguish them from bad links based on the quality of the website they came from. Bad backlinks are easy to find – you just have to follow the link to the site and know whether the existence of the content and link will ruin your credibility. Here are some websites to watch out for:
Majestic SEO
You can use MajesticSEO’s Site Explorer to analyze the backlinks of your website. Combining two attributes, citation flow and trust flow, provides a comprehensive view of the profile quality. The citations flow counts the number of links within the site, while the trust flow measures the permission level of linked sites. MajesticSEO assigns permission levels based on a number of factors. The lower the quotation and trust number, the lower the link quality.
Ahref is a premium tool that is one of the largest real-time inbound link indexes on your website. The program updates its repertoire by running the backlink confirmation four times every hour. It’s a favorite tool for web site owners and SEO professionals, and it’s a handy tool for people with limited expertise. Ahref provides important data about anchors, best pages, new back links, internal links, and sitelink domains. You can also see keyword competition and rankings.
Open Mozilla’s Site Explorer
OpenSite Explorer was developed by Moore and is popular with SEO specialists and webmasters. It has both free and premium options for analysis and backlink confirmation services. The former allows three backlinks to be retrieved daily, while the latter provides unlimited backlinks. The premium version also comes with more diagnostic tools and features that enable competitor link profiling among other important SEO strategies.
Another type of backlink analysis
There are several types of back links linked to your website. When you look at the link analysis, you want to select the bad ones. Here are some types.
Websites that exist only for SEO linking purposes
If your website has numerous backlinks that are not structured, cohesive, or quality, it’s likely that the site is set up to only serve links to other sites. If your site uses WordPress CMS, notice that it lacks functionality and use a simple default theme. These sites are part of a suspicious site network designed to link to or link to other sites.
Comments link to posts from other sites
These can come by dozens, especially for larger sites. Automated bots often leave comments and links to websites. These comments are generally very common, such as “very helpful articles”, “great articles” or “I really appreciate this article”. However, some of the comments may have come from sharing the link with your readers. Therefore, it’s important to review your comments or approve comments before visiting your site. This will help you avoid unnecessary or spammy comments.
Overly optimized anchor link text
Typically, the link text on the website of another site will be the name of the website www.domainname.com, or ‘domain name’. If the website that leads to your site uses the correct set of keywords, search engines can be suspicious and are usually the practice of a shady agent. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use anchor text and create links only to other websites.
Maybe you can use keywords on one or two sites, but most natural / organic links are either website names or Direct URL. Links found in duplicate text Websites that are set up for SEO links only do not have consistent content, and may occasionally contain content from other sites. This is a common practice for Black Hat SEO tactics that create dummy sites based on industry-specific topics and may be related to the links that appear on the quality website. We also hate duplicate content. Therefore, you want to create original content for your site and avoid duplication on other sites. It is important to quote certain elements when they come from your site and give them credits if necessary. Links to Extensive Geographic Locations Sometimes there are links to users in different countries and languages. It is meaningful that they are from similar industries and quoted you as authoritative reference in their articles. Sometimes, however, these links are linked to websites that are not relevant at all, and link quality is low and doubtful. How to remove bad quality backlinks Google-Disavow-Links-Tool-Graphic Now you can see which links are good and which links are good. You want to find bad people and get rid of them.
what are you going to do? 
There are many ways to disable a link so that it does not negatively impact your rating. Please contact the owner. It’s the easiest way. You will contact the owner of the site (not required) to remove the link. You should have a shady webmaster ready to remove the link or ask for payment for those who do not respond at all. You do not have to pay. You can reject unwanted links. If the page removal link points to a low-quality content page within the site, you can use 404 or 410 reports instead of links to remove the page. However, if you have too many 404 reports, you should use this content very carefully because it will display incorrect images. The best thing about poor quality is to rewrite poor quality pages and reject unnatural links. Restart If the issue is so deep that you have a lot of time and resources to resolve, you can shut down and start over.
This is very intense and should be the final option after penalty points for Penguin, Panda or manual penalty. You obviously will not want to go this route. However, you need to speak with a good, reputable SEO company to say professional opinions to see if there is a possibility to recover your site. Deny everything If you do not go anywhere with the webmaster because there are too many bad links, you can reject the link. If you decline the link, you will receive a message from Google, so you do not need to consider the link when evaluating your site. Indexing. When you see backlinks to your site, please check the bad points. It is too late, so I want to remove bad backlinks from the website before recovering the site. Please let me know in the comment below about the bad backlinks experience. How did you recover the punishment?

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