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Tiens International Best Network Marketing Company in Pakistan

Tiens International Best Network Marketing Company in Pakistan English & urdu

Tiens Best Network Marketing Company in Pakistan English & urdu some people ask me about Pakistan’s top 10 direct selling companies to be able to import part-time or full-time. There is a little research on this topic on the internet and here is a list of network marketing companies in Pakistan. The company I intend to introduce in front of you is China ‘s fastest growing hub in China. You must first buy your own product and that will open your account. After that, you can sell directly in the family or even face-to-face in the market.
Many people are interested in how to earn 100 rupees or $ 1 a day without investing, and often fall into fraudulent sites or fraudulent programs. So it is not nothing out of the world without money. If you want to make that much money in one day, there is a program that can easily generate income without selling anything. But as I said above, you have to pay money to join this amazing website. The one-time fee is not so much. You have to pay $ 10 when you sign up. After that all the profits are you and no one will share your mandate.
What is TIENS?
Best Network Marketing Company


Tiens International 2018
Tiens is a Chinese-based advertising company that started this project in 2004 and can easily generate $ 10-100 a day for intermediate phone users. The reason I call it a $ 10 program is because every body has to pay this amount. There is no risk because you can only pay with PayPal.
To join the $ 100 day program, first unlock the form below with your Facebook or twitter account and submit your email address. Keep in mind that we will select people on a first-come, first-served basis and have a limited set.
After you join the website, invite your friends through your affiliate id Meet or Invite him in Tiens office. Make sure the Id is correct. Otherwise, you will not receive the commission or in Downline that particular person. The good news is that your friends get  some % commission when they sign up. The subscription commission is $ 10. In other words, if you join only one of your friends, you get instant money, and after that all money is pure profit.
Note: this is information in my knowledge which can be updated by Tiens company anytime.. Tiens Pakistan Website Here.

Tiens International Network Marketing Company in Urdu

Tiens International Network Marketing Company in Urdu


There are three names for the same companies: Tiens, Tianshi and Unicore Pvt. company. It was founded in 1995 by Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China. Company Introduction In 1997, we started our journey to the international market. The Tiens cluster has now become an international alliance of education, travel, retail, finance and others. The company by international trade and business, business has reached nearly 200 countries in the world. Tiens has more than 150 branches worldwide.
The Tians company’s products are high quality food supplements, health care products, body or skin care products or household products. All products are developed as machines, even if the human hands do not reach these products in preparation. These products have been created for more than 25 million families worldwide and helped them to live a healthy, enjoyable life.
There is also the company’s charity program. Unfortunately, if you become a flood victim or a storm victim, a lot of money will be donated to that country. Tiens now donates more than $ 2 billion to public welfare and social charities.
The highest quality hands of skilled technology are participating in the international strategic objectives of the Tiens cluster with localized and highly regulated management. Tiens cluster is a colleague from a foreign team that can not be nursed in terms of analysis, innovation and professionalism. There are quite a lot of 90,000 workers. More than one-half of them have degrees.
In accordance with the overall operations management system and well-designed laws, Tiens clusters continue to parade the Fortune 500, seeking superior theories such as “new swap and other theory” and “new food market theory”.
Tiens’ mission: To provide consumers with business, the best life, the best income, education, health and support to work with other peoples.

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