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Whats the Best Font for your Site

What’s the best font for your site

Best Font for your Site
What’s the best font for your site If you think it’s up to the designer, it’s wrong As you know, there are designers focused on how your website looks but you are in business. You can produce great results with great fonts. Do not miss the opportunity! Why are fonts important to your site? Yes, the font conveys the brand to readers and customers, but what is the real goal?

Best Font for your Site

  • The main purpose of the font is to read.
  • You do not have to TRY to read the text.
  • So what is the perfect font?
  • Simply put, easy to read and easy fonts.
If you or your designer thinks you are cool and want to use the “cutesy” font, you are doing the wrong thing. It’s wrong And now we will not interfere with it The width of the content has shown how people can turn content on and off. Now, Best Font for your Site Selection can have the same effect. Fonts can entice and repel readers and customers. If so, what is the correct font? There is not one correct font, but there is a correct font group. Fortunately, there are only two groups of fonts simple fonts and cool fonts.

Which one do you use?

To understand it, you have to understand the psychology behind each one. The Psychology of Simple Fonts Two researchers, Song Hyun-jin and Nebet Schwartz, discovered an unusual trend during the experiment. There were two groups of people. One group received directions in a simple font, and the other group received directions in a nice font What happened? Best Font for your Site The results are amazing. Those who received simple fonts estimated that it would take 8.2 minutes to complete the directions, but those who received complex fonts expected it to take 15.1 minutes to complete.

Crazy, is not it?

Simple font changes and people expected that directions would take about 86% longer. What does that mean? When you give directions to people, you can assume that using simple fonts makes the task easier than it actually is. Also, when people see simple fonts, it is easier to read because they have less knowledge. Best Font for your Site I said web design is important Now what about the cool fonts? Great Font Psychology Two researchers, Song Hyun Jin and Nobel Schwartz, made another discovery. Once again, there were two groups of people. One group of people received a menu printed in a simple font, and the other fonts were received in a fancy font. Those who received the colorful font menu thought that the chef preparing the meal had more skills. Simple font twist, and bread! An iron chef must be in the kitchen!

What does it mean to you?

When you sell your product, using smart fonts smartly can help you create more products for your readers. Now that you understand psychology, I will make this fact practical for you. I sometimes wonder where you can use great fonts on the web – you can use them for sidebar headlines, taglines, or small fonts that are not too small. What are the best fonts in addition to simple, cool fonts? Regardless of which font you choose, the font size is important. One of the main reasons that people do not trust sites when they visit a website is font size. Strange, I know, but I understand. There are too many people using size 12 fonts for their content. This is a huge mistake. Best Font for your Site Small fonts can reduce conversion rate and usability. I’m in my 20s, and I can barely see the size 12 without using Mac zoom So I told people that size 14 is a new size 12 But if you want to go bigger, I’d say size 16 is a new size 12. Now look at the site. What is the font size? Are you scaring people with small fonts?

But Derek (Derek) What is the best font?

Once you know the psychics (simple and cool fonts), there are no best fonts However, I think that MAIN fonts should always be simple fonts. Then you need to create contrast between the fonts. You will want a font for your headline, another font for your body copy, and an accent font. For example, as for the social trigger, I use Helvetica Neue for my headline, Georgia for my body copy. And I emphasize my sidebar title and logo with another special font. If you look at the site, it seems to be cohesive because it uses a simple font selection formula. In general, do not use more than two or three font types on your site. Confused and the design changes from differentiation to disgust.- P.

There is one more thing

Once you know which fonts to use, make sure that the typography settings are complete. I am surprised (typed) in Thesis, the theme framework I use. There is a perfect gap between lines, paragraphs, h3 tags, and so on. But most importantly, Thesis has more than 30 font options. In addition to being able to access common web safety fonts, Thesis is compatible with the Google Web Font library (it offers more font options than many other WordPress themes).Best Font for your Site  If you do not use the paper, Chris Pearson has created a tool that tells you the best way to set up typography using golden ratios.

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