Why Multiple Domains on One Hosting Account Can be a Security Risk

Why Multiple Domains on One Hosting Account Can be a Security Risk

Why Multiple Domains on One Hosting Account Can be a Security Risk

Domains on One Hosting Account Can be a Security Risk
Why Multiple Domains on One Hosting Account Can be a Security Risk It is my thumb. If you want to know why, when an exception occurs, and how best to manage multiple domains, read on! A hosting company is selling you on the idea of hosting multiple domains in a single account and operators can quickly do math: Obviously, $ 6.95 per month for five websites is less than $ 5.95 per month.

But there are hidden risks to this type of accident.

How multiple domains work is in a separate folder in the root directory of your hosting account. That is, when a hacker accesses your account, you can access all folders. All sites can be damaged with one click. If each domain is on a separate hosting account, we’ve isolated individual sites. Assuming that each account has a strong password, hackers need a lot of extra work to do what they can do with a single account with multiple domains. Yes, it costs more to have a separate hosting account. Do not spend a few dollars because the hosting cost is cheap these days and your site’s uptime and reputation are very important to your profits. Monthly There are exceptions, of course. If you host a hobby site and family site with a business site, be sure to host multiple domains in one account. Or, if you are very diligent in updating, monitoring, and securing your site software, as well as using strong passwords for your hosting account and all site software, it might be all right. But it also takes time and money, and some small businesses are annoying.
Some people simply insist that a good backup is enough and that if a site is hacked, all domains can be restored with backup. However, most hacks are not about site conflicts. Using your site to create fake pages on deceptive search engines, scrape files and visitors’ data, or send out spam e-mails. All can happen without you knowing. Backups are used only after you know that a hack has occurred. It can take a long time after the damage occurs. Others insist that it’s easier to keep multiple domains in a single account, but how often do you really need to access your hosting account? Creating or deleting an e-mail account can be the most common use, and it does not happen so often in most small businesses. It takes a little time and organization to maintain a separate hosting account, but it is hardly compared to the risk of exposing multiple sites to a single hack.

Some options for multiple hosting account

 Reseller account and VPS Most hosting companies offer reseller accounts. These functions are like mini-hosting companies that can manage multiple hosting accounts from a single interface. What this means is that you can easily access multiple sites in one place, but in other places you can access separate accounts with separate passwords, file directories, and so on. Reseller accounts typically start at $ 20-30 per month, so if you have five websites, you’ll only be between $ 4 and $ 6 per site. Your reseller account should now have a strong password. Multiple Domains on One Hosting Account Can be a Security Risk This is because when a hacker gains access, he or she can control all sites again. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the relatively inexpensive options because it has several hosting accounts, although the price range is slightly higher. So you need more security to get more sites or justify your costs. A reseller account, such as a single primary hosting account, is what is called shared hosting. VPS accounts are shared with other VPS accounts, but are much less than shared hosting (unlike a dedicated server). A VPS account has the same or similar control panel as your reseller account, so you can access your site in one place.

Multiple hosts

If quick access to all your hosting accounts is not a problem, or if you save a few dollars per month per site, we recommend hosting each site with a separate hosting company. It does not matter that you need to keep track of the passwords for each account. The advantage is that if one server’s host goes down, the other site is still running. If security is most important to your site, using multiple hosts can help prevent hackers from breaking into a single hosting account and breaking down walls between hosting accounts. Multiple Domains on One Hosting Account Can be a Security Risk Though this kind of violation rarely occurs, the possibility of such a situation can be a reason to put each site on a different host and spread the risk.